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Eco Blend is the premiere choice for E Hookah and Electronic Cigarettes in South Africa. With 6 full-bodied flavors to choose from, Eco Blend’s range of non-tar and non-tobacco based products are the smarter alternative for discerning smokers in South Africa.

We started out as a small business. But we had bold plans and a burning passion – to help adult smokers take back their freedom by delivering a quality alternative smoking experience.

Because everything we do is aimed at the customer, customers began to notice. And because we are passionate about what we do, we’ve attracted passionate customers who, like us, appreciate a better smoking experience. We call it ‘enlightened enjoyment’.

Our commitment to quality is foremost in our operations. We are consistently asking ourselves: “How can we make the Eco Blend experience even better for our customers?” We pride ourselves in being the best electronic cigarette supplier in South Africa.

As it was when we started, so it is now: freedom, passion and innovation are still the driving force behind what we do.

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Our Technology

The Eco Blend product range has developed credibility and recognition amongst smokers in a short space of time, and rightly so. Designed from premium materials with a view to creating the best possible customer experience, our products can be enjoyed free from the consequences caused by secondary smoke, ash, tar and undesirable odor. Together with our engineers, we have carefully created a range of quality disposable electronic cigarettes and Electronic Hookahs with up to 800 puffs, authentic flavours, longer battery life and odorless vapor. Our progressive packaging, innovative look and feel and instantly recognizable ‘green light’ have become synonymous with our products.

The Power of Choice

The new tobacco laws across the nation have made it more difficult to smoke and enjoy tobacco-based cigarettes. This is not likely to change. At Eco Blend, we restore the power of choice to smokers, allowing them to choose what they want to smoke, when and in what environment. Put simply, we give permission back to smokers around South Africa to fully enjoy the smoking experience.

Electronic Hookah

Electronic Hookah

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette

The Eco Blend Electronic hookah is a premium product made from the best materials to give you the best hookah experience on the go. The Electronic hookah has NO Nicotine, NO Tar and NO Tobacco. Forget the foil and forget the coals, just enjoy the great flavour for up to 800 Puffs. We have chosen the very best and most popular flavours for our selection, based on customer feedback, but if you would like to suggest a flavour to us please do so by submitting your desired flavour on the contact form provided.


  • Watermelon (The great taste of succulent summer watermelon)
  • Blueberry Mint (If a blueberry and a mint had a baby, this would be it)
  • Coffee (superb cappuccino’ aroma and taste)
  • Grape Mint (the perfect blend of sweet grapes and refreshing mint)
  • Strawberry (traditional sweet strawberry flavor)
  • Green bull (An energy drink flavor with a touch of fresh mint)


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The Eco Blend Disposable Electronic cigarettes are the best in their class. We chose to create a disposable electronic cigarette to make life that much easier for our customers. You will never need to wait for the battery to be charged, you will never need to carry e-liquid with you, and you are less likely to exhaust your supply (a pack will last you the equivalent of 3 packets of traditional cigarettes).

If by chance you do, since our products are sold in packs of two and are so affordable, it is easy to have a replacement handy. Our electronic cigarettes have 12mg and 18mg of nicotine respectively, for those who prefer a mild and bold experience. They contain NO Tar, NO Tobacco and NO Tobacco Smoke. You can enjoy our products anywhere and with our recognizable ‘green light’ no one will mistakenly confront you for smoking a regular cigarette. Take back control of where you smoke!


  • Bold (tobacco-flavoured blend, 18 mg of nicotine)
  • Mild (tobacco-flavoured blend, 12 mg of nicotine)
  • Coffee (superb ‘cappuccino’ aroma and taste, 12 mg of nicotine)
  • Menthol (light, fresh mint flavour, 12 mg of nicotine)


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Plenty of fantastic flavours and cool colours. This is a totally new smoking experience to enjoy!

these e-cigarettes and e-hookas are surprisingly inexpensive and allow you to smoke without harming those around you or damaging your own health. tobacco cigarettes are a thing of the past!

This new way of smoking has proven to be much healthier, with low tar and nicotine being absorbed. Please have a look at out frequently asked questions, and feel free to contact us for any further information, or go directly to our products page for our special offers.

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